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23 April

Cocoa Beach Condos For Sale Ranks Page 4 on Google - Google Missed Homepage Index

We setup this Cocoa Beach Condos For Sale website strictly to rank for keyword searches "Cocoa Beach Condos For Sale" we have had the website up about 2 months now and we are wondering why Google has not indexed the homepage? You notice in the image we show here that you see page 4 we have a page indexed one page that shows Cocoa Beach Condos For sale 200k. Not sure why that is showing up and not our homepage? We have done the google sitemap and set that up. We have done good back links to the site from nice highly ranked PR sites.

21 April

Cocoa Beach Oceanfront Condos For Sale

The most common question and searched is "oceanfront" condos in Cocoa Beach. Of course, why would you want to buy a condo in cocoa beach and not be oceanfront? The oceanfront condos come with a surcharge of course. These have views of the ocean from your condo in cocoa beach. We have collected a list of oceanfront condos in cocoa beach that will automatically update with the latest real estate information. Simply click here or visit:

17 April

Cocoa Beach Condos For Sale Gets Google News Ranking

We usually get the Cocoa Beach News alerts for Cocoa Beach from Google. If you have not done this you can go to and it will walk you through setting up an alert, so when something is published on google you will get an email. This way you don't have to google the same term over and over again, you will just get an email with the latest information on that google search.



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